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We the undersigned petition Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to improve tanyard meadows. More details

Petition update from the council, 31 December 2013

To e-petition signatories.

This is the response to the e-petition

The Executive considered a report on Tanyard Meadows Development Plan in December. Part of the report referred to the e-petition that you submitted which had been considered by the Full Council in October 2012.

Set out below is the decision of the Executive. Please see point (v) which specifically refers to the petition on this matter:

(i) the Tanyard Meadows Development Framework (2013- 2019) be approved;
(ii) the Head of Policy, Development and Property and the Head of Neighbourhood Services, in consultation with the Portfolio Holders for Property & Regeneration and Leisure, be authorised to make any additional amendments to the Development Framework, following approval;
(iii) the Head of Policy Development and Property, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Property & Regeneration, be authorised to accept the transfer of the freehold ownership of Tanyard Meadows to Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, once the site has been laid out to the satisfaction of the Council, in accordance with approved details and the terms of two Section 106 legal agreements for the North East Sector;
(iv) the issues raised in two petitions submitted to the Council in 2012 (in relation to Tanyard Meadows) discussed at full Council on 11th October 2012 be noted;
(v) the response to the petitions submitted be, that the Executive:
a) supports in part the request by the petition to hay cut fields. The fields east of Lake Lane will therefore be managed by hay cut and the fields west of Lake Lane will be managed by a combination of conservation grazing and/or hay cut; and
b) supports in part the request not to fence off fields and/or the proposed spine path, unless it is deemed necessary for management purposes, for instance to control livestock, protect habitats from damage and/or for health and safety reasons; and
c) advises that the management principles for Tanyard Meadows will be reviewed at the end of the Development Framework period, to assist in the efficient and effective management of the site and to make service improvements.

More details from petition creator

The sensible thing to do with these meadows is put a stock proof fence around the area fencing off the footpath/houses lake lane, the river,langshott wood to make one large field. The fence should have kissing gates in several places for easy access by walkers etc with large field gates for tractor and machinery access. Ditches should be cleaned out to improve drainage and some holes put into the hedges to make easy access from one field to the next. Land should be sprayed off and planted as wild flower meadows to help insect and wildlife in general. Access should be allowed to all members of the public at all times. A crop of hay can be taken every year as the public tend to walk around the edges of the fields, and a few quiet cattle can be grazed there in the autumn before the land gets too wet

Current signatories

Mr. John Surridge, the petition creator, joined by:

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