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We the undersigned petition to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
continue to provide a swimming pool at Banstead Sports Centre and honour the commitment made to the community. (with responses)Mr Tony Blacoe25 November 20101956
save the current earlswood lakes burger van (with responses)mr samuel day 5 January 20161249
Halt plans for development on green belt land within the borough (with responses)Mr Ian Machacek31 March 20131077
urgently and without delay reinstate the children’s playground located at Lady Neville recreation ground, Court Road, Banstead to its original size and with the same level of varied play activities (with response)Mrs Clare Derrane16 July 2010604
Investigate creating additional parking facilities in Nork Village. (with responses)Kerry Carter 6 June 2016565
Leave the area known as Tanyard Meadows (N.E. Horley) in the natural state it is now. (with response)Paul Hibbert22 June 2012450
The council should instigate a proper system of maintenance on the Footpath known as Withybed Corner in Walton on the Hill (with response)Mr Oliver Leedam 2 April 2013411
buy the land Hooley Social Club is on. (with response)Hooley Social Committee 9 August 2013182
Remove the over-priced inflatable 'entertainment' in Reigate Priory Park and Redhill Memorial Park (with response)Chris West10 May 201575
initiate a Park Homes Forum to impart information/awareness of the new legislation regarding park homes. (with response)Mr T Lythgoe 1 August 201360
___Save Keats Avenue Playground, and show support for other playgrounds____David Heath 9 July 201451
Facilitate the building of the Holmethorpe Link road (with response)Robert McIntyre 3 July 201250
know that we strongly object to parking meters in Horley and help us fight this diabolical idea (with response)Ms Nora McCarthy25 February 201135
improve children’s playground in Redhill Memorial Park (with response)Krzysztof Maik22 June 201231
Publicly condemn racist and xenophobic attacks and hate crimes, and table a motion to this effect at the next meeting of the Borough Council. (with response)M. Samson15 July 20167
install solar PV panels on the roofs of all existing and future buildings under council control provided the roofs are technically suitable for this purpose. We live in the borough of Reigate and Banstead. (with response)Derek Smith17 September 20155
Place tinted glass windows on Horley Leisure Centre to stop people outside looking in (with response)Christopher Williams 2 July 20123
Provide a free extra Green general waste bin to larger households (with response)Owen Mills15 December 20153
improve tanyard meadows (with response)Mr. John Surridge26 July 20122
to, in light of the recent devastating events in Japan, send a message of solidarity to the people of Fukushima through their Mayor and to work locally towards becoming a nuclear free local authority.Philip Wilson22 April 20111
Upgrade the Childrens playground in Common Road, Earlswood (with response)Simon Pinto 2 May 20121
put floodlights in the skatepark at reigate (with response)Mstr Alex Caines 6 January 20131
Please build various ramps at Redhill Memorial Park for BMX bikes and scooters (with response)Joshua May 5 September 20151

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