We the undersigned petition Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to To grant a stay of demolition of Honeycrop Castle, Axes Lane, Salfords on the grounds of exceptional architectural excellence and requirement for agricultural use. More details

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Despite the need for the Council to enforce its planning rules which most residents would support, excessive delay to planning applications is also socially unacceptible. We support the rule of law but request mercy in its application.

This particular building is of such architectural excellence in our opinion it should be listed rather than demolished. Please would Reigate and Banstead save it and grant the current application for use for agricultural requirements and not allow its demolition.

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It was an issue for which an e-petition is not the appropriate channel

Additional information about this rejection:
Dear Mr Weekes, Thank you for submitting your e-petition regarding the Honeycrock Farm. You may well be aware but this property has been the subject of a number of planning related applications, appeals or notices and the position still remains within this regulatory environment. The current position is that the Council is in the process of considering two planning applications as listed below (I’ve also provided the link to the proposals that are on the Council’s website so that you can see the application details): • 12/01709/F: Retention of farm house (for agricultural worker occupation), retention of patio and garden pond, and retention of garden http://www.reigate-banstead.gov.uk/Planit2/planit2.jsp?Controller=p2Controller&Action=FindApplicationByRefvalAction&REFVAL=12/01709/F • 12/01708/F: An open sided metal framed agricultural building with open yard http://www.reigate-banstead.gov.uk/Planit2/planit2.jsp?Controller=p2Controller&Action=FindApplicationByRefvalAction&REFVAL=12/01708/F There is an option to comment on these applications that is built into the online facility. The Council’s Petition Scheme refers to certain types of petition that are exempt from the Petition Scheme. Unfortunately, in relation to your petition, this includes matters that are currently the subject of a planning application. I’m afraid therefore that I have had to reject your petition on this occasion.