This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to Remove the over-priced inflatable 'entertainment' in Reigate Priory Park and Redhill Memorial Park. More details

Petition update from the council, 11 June 2015

Thank you for submitting the petition regarding your concerns in relation to the inflatable slides in Priory Park and Memorial park. The deadline for signatures has now passed and it received 75 signatures. The Council’s Petition Scheme identifies who responds to petitions depending on the number of signatures. On this occasion it falls to me as Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Parks to respond.

Our parks are, as I am sure you will agree, kept to a very high standard which we want to continue. In order to do this we have to raise money to help fund them.

We have used a local business to provide inflatables in both parks and have received mainly positive feedback on them. However, we understand that some parents feel the pressure to pay as they walk past as with the ice cream stand in the café.

We have kept the price low for the castles in order to keep it in line with the price of a coffee or an ice cream and the operators do let the children stay on longer when it is not busy. At Redhill park in which we have a larger inflatable they offer an all day wristband so children can come and go as they please.

We receive an income from the operator which helps us to maintain the park and also to provide lots of free activities in the school holidays. We have had pond dipping, den building, bug hunting and a mini farm to name a few. We have also just put in some living willow structures at both parks and will be adding in an animal trail at both parks. Bouncy castles are also a fun way for kids to get exercise with their friends.

On balance I do not feel that it will serve our visitors and residents well to remove the option of this occasional entertainment choice. However, in order to address some the issues raised we will be moving the castles to the area behind the tennis courts and also introducing the all day wristband at Reigate.

We constantly review our events and operations and are in the process of setting up a friends group at Reigate if you would like to come along.

Thank you again for your interest in the park

More details from petition creator

The inflatable slides etc. placed in Reigate Priory Park and Redhill Memorial Park cause no end of trauma for parents with small children. They are very poor value for money and they are placed right next to the playgrounds and cafes meaning it is not possible to use the existing facilities without having to argue with children who obviously want a go on the slides but don't understand why they cannot because they cost so much!

Why does the council allow such extortionately priced 'entertainment' to be set up? Is it because the council charge too much for the licence to site the facilities or are the entertainment owners just money grabbing? Either way there is strong feeling that they should be removed.

Please sign this petition to show your support. If the council needs to raise funds there must be better ways of doing it. If they want to put on entertainment for the holidays there are definitely better ways of doing it!

Thank you.

Current signatories

Chris West, the petition creator, joined by:

  • SAMANTHA west
  • Natalie shepherd
  • Victoria McInally
  • Samantha Ince
  • Sue Slumbers
  • Alexandra Orme
  • Kerry Millhouse
  • Jo garbett
  • Marie Wilson
  • Deborah Curphey
  • caroline donald
  • Naomi Flood
  • Kate Etheridge
  • Nick Etheridge
  • annika bjorklund
  • Louise Mackenzie
  • Helen Dixon
  • Lynsey hussey
  • Lesley wyllie
  • Sandra Rice
  • Cheryl Stanford
  • simon stratton
  • pip skinner
  • Joanna Turton
  • Katie hooper
  • Kate Spring
  • gina busbridge
  • Ian Forsyth
  • Charlotte Filcek
  • Amy Dickson
  • Sarah Bellamy
  • Laura Brown
  • Alexandra English
  • Jackie fisher
  • Caroline Bradby
  • Kate Halliwell
  • Caroline Kellett
  • Ruth Willis
  • Suzy Haines
  • Laura Bedell-Pearce
  • Fleur Peters
  • Louise Evans
  • Claire bowers
  • Laura hill
  • Hilary Reive
  • Anne Peck
  • Angela wilkinson
  • Susie Donaldson
  • Jay Hallam
  • Jemma mclaughlin
  • Martin Britt
  • Claire Blay
  • Miffy Wilson
  • Lucy Thorpe
  • Fiona jennings
  • Lisa Morley
  • Gemma Coomber
  • Sarah Pooley
  • John Harcourt
  • Stephen Bradby
  • Elisabeth Jenkins
  • Rachel Wood
  • Angie Carter
  • Lisa Holder
  • Adam Holder
  • Julia Sired
  • Clare Robertson
  • Natasha Wrighton
  • Jackie Conway
  • Darren Cassidy
  • Amanda Forsyth
  • Kate morgan
  • Ruth Jane
  • Ben Jane