This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to put floodlights in the skatepark at reigate. More details

Petition update from the council, 31 December 2013

I refer to the e-petition that you instigated on the Council website, requesting floodlights for the skatepark at Priory Park. The deadline for submitting signatures to the petition has now passed.

The Council’s Petition Scheme requires that petitions are determined at different levels within the Council, depending on the number of signatures received. This petition falls in to the category for an Office response, to you the petition organiser.

Our response is that currently we do not have any plans to introduce floodlights to the skatepark area. This is for a number of reasons as follows.
• The introduction of floodlights would be expensive and we do not have any budget available for such facilities.
• The use of floodlighting in this area would potentially create a nuisance to nearby residents.
• Extending the hours of use of the skatepark, by the introduction of floodlights, would also potentially create noise nuisance for the nearby residents – in the hours of darkness there is less other background noise and the noise from the skatepark would be more obvious.
• Creating a floodlit area on the edge of the main expanse of the open space could be detrimental to the wildlife – particularly bats.

My Officer who manages Priory Park does have regular contract with a ‘user group’ of skatepark users. They meet a couple of times a year to discuss any issues and if you want to have a say in how the skatepark is organised, this is the best way to have a voice. If you are interested I will pass your e-mail details to my Priory Park Officer, Helen West.

Thank you for taking the time to initiate the petition

More details from petition creator

We want the council to put some floodlights in the skatepark at Reigate so after dark which comes early in the winter we can see. It'll help us, it'll help them, it will help all of us.

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