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We the undersigned petition Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to ___Save Keats Avenue Playground, and show support for other playgrounds____. More details

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Reigate & Banstead Borough Council has proposed to remove Keats Avenue Playground. After 25 years it will soon need maintenance, and they are proposing to remove it, than invest money either replacing just the rotten wood or renewing the equipment. Instead they favour developing Wordsworth Mead playground, at a cost of £40’000.

Recreational areas for our children should be preserved; this is especially true since new housing developments have smaller gardens that wouldn’t be dreamt of 50 years ago.

Council Tax is expensive; this playground is financially insignificant & will probably last in excess of 25 years. The playground was originally built by the housing developers 25 years ago.

Keats Avenue playground is a SAFE area for children to play, overlooked by dozens of houses; its small and un-intrusive to homeowners.

Childhood is precious and should be preserved, outdoor activities should be encouraged.

Please pledge your support to save this and other recreational areas.

Current signatories

David Heath, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Thaddeus Shearman
  • Carina Remnant
  • Shashikant Kardile
  • Paul Price
  • Mr Paul Measday
  • Kennard Lee
  • Mrs Simone Measday
  • Antony Onipko
  • Sonal Kardile
  • Vineta Vaitkus
  • Peter Haynes
  • Vanessa Haynes
  • Rob
  • Teresa
  • Caroline Edwards
  • Dave Roy
  • J Shoug
  • Mikus Lubejs
  • JJ Fish
  • Alastair Porchetta
  • Jacqui James
  • sonia smith
  • Ken Smith
  • Alex James
  • Marguerite James
  • Angela Fiori
  • kelly love
  • Sarah
  • Sameer Sah
  • Mafalda
  • L Brandao
  • Edwin Lightstone
  • Stefanie Davidson
  • David Seed
  • Terence Fasoulis
  • Paul Love
  • stephen henry
  • Ian White
  • Sylvia White
  • Steve Jones
  • Lilian Fu
  • S. Jane Dawkins
  • peter sheldrake
  • paul holmes
  • Andrew Adams
  • Sarah Adams
  • Adam Strickland
  • John Cullen-O'Connor
  • Linda Morris
  • Simon Flack