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We the undersigned petition Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to buy the land Hooley Social Club is on. More details

Petition update from the council, 30 September 2013

Thank you for your petition seeking Executive consideration of your request to purchase the land Hooley Social Club is sited on. The petition contained 181 signatories and as I believe you are aware, this is insufficient to be considered at Executive. The number of signatories received means the matter is referred to me as the Executive Member for Property and Regeneration.

I met with Mr Keane from Hooley Social Club earlier this year with Cllr Foreman and Officers of the Council. I advised at that time that the Council did not wish to sell the land, and this position has not changed. The Council considers it is important public assets remain in public ownership for the benefit of the entire community of the Borough of Reigate and Banstead.

The Social Club forms a small part of a parcel of land which also includes the village hall and children’s playground. The Council does not wish to sell either the Social Club or any parcel of this land holding. The Social Club enjoys a lease until 2027, a substantial remaining term. I am aware the Social Club are concerned the rent may increase substantially and become unaffordable. The rent is based on the ‘profits method’ of valuation, which is a percentage of the annual profits of the Social Club, so should never be more than the Social Club has the ability to pay.

I explained to Mr Keane that should the Council decide to sell the asset in the future, The Localism Act 2011 provides community organisations and others a ‘Community Right to Bid’ on any property assets that become available for sale. You should seek your own independent advice in respect of these rights, how to exercise them and the Localism Act generally, but the intention of the legislation is to enable organisations like the Social Club the opportunity to purchase the property at the prevailing market rate, should it be marketed for sale. Currently the Council does not anticipate making any such decision to sell the asset.

Cllr Natalie Bramhall
Executive Member for Property & Regeneration

More details from petition creator

The Hooley Social Club recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and this year we also celebrated, with the wider community, the Queens Diamond Jubilee. However, we do not own the land that the club is on. to protect the future of the Club and for the benefit of the community and the wider area, we would like to petition Reigate & Banstead Council to buy the land the Club is on. We believe that, by the Council's own policy standards, we have a right to buy the land and we have a duty to future generations.

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