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We the undersigned petition Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to Facilitate the building of the Holmethorpe Link road. More details

Petition update from the council, 08 August 2012

8th August 2012

Dear Mr McIntyre

RE: Proposal for southern link road, Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, Redhill

Thank you for your petition and subsequent statement, in which you urge the Council to enforce one of the terms of a Section 106 agreement requiring construction of a southern link road on the estate. While I do understand why you argue for a link road, it is not something that we feel we can enforce, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain in more detail why the Council has come to that view.

Historic reasons for the link road
The proposal for a southern link road arose in the early 1990’s when Park 25 was to be redeveloped for employment use. At that time it was planned that commercial traffic from Park 25 be directed northwards through the Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, to reduce the need for commercial traffic to access the site via St Anne’s Drive. This plan was dependent on the construction of the Holmethorpe Relief Road, funded by the development of Holmethorpe Sandpits and Park 25. Tapton Estates (owner of Holmethorpe sandpits - later Watercolour) had purchased the old railway sidings and adjoining land to the south with a view to enabling a link to be made, but expected it to be funded by the Park 25 development. It was against this background that a clause was inserted in the S106 agreement for the Watercolour development, which refers to the construction of the southern link road.

Change in circumstances
Circumstances changed when Park 25 was developed, not for employment use as originally intended, but for residential purposes. This changed the nature of the traffic impact arising from Park 25. The additional traffic flow from this revised form of development, within the constraints imposed by barrier control, could be accommodated on the existing Holmethorpe Estate road network without change, and removed the justification for a southern link road between Holmethorpe Avenue and Trowers Way.

Notwithstanding the change to residential use, the Council negotiated with the owners of Park 25 to ensure that a link was still made to Holmethorpe Avenue to allow from Park 25 access to the north; and also negotiated a contribution towards the Holmethorpe Relief Road – essential to ensure that the Holmethorpe Industrial Estate finally got a proper road access. What was not possible was to negotiate a contribution large enough to fund the southern link road.

Development of the old railway sidings and land to south
It was always envisaged that the old railway sidings would be redeveloped for commercial purposes in accordance with the site designation (employment land). Once external funding was unavailable for the southern link road, the owners (Tapton Estates) did not want to include a link road in their scheme as it was not viable based on the economics of the site alone, and was of no benefit to them or Watercolour.

An added complication was that Tapton Estates intimated that, in their view, the clause in the S106 agreement on Watercolour was ultra vires and unenforceable. The legal position was investigated by the Council’s solicitor, and while more complicated than Tapton Estates suggested, acknowledged that there were grounds for challenge.

Council’s Position on Link Road
In deciding whether to pursue the link road proposal, it was necessary to consider the position as it had then become. The facts were that there was no longer a planning justification for the link road, because of the residential rather than commercial development of Park 25. While there was a clause in the S106 on Watercolour relating to the link road, the legal position for enforcing it was challengeable; and in terms of encouraging the inclusion of a link road in the development of the site voluntarily, the land owner was resistant and neither we nor the County Council have sufficient public funding available to fund the road ourselves. Having regard to all those facts, it was decided not to pursue the southern link road.

I appreciate that this conclusion will be disappointing to businesses on the estate, but I hope that the explanation as to why the Council reached that view is now clearer.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Mike Miller
Executive Member for Planning and Development

Direct dial: 07712 889228

Further information

A copy of the above response was sent to Mr McIntyre by post on 8 August 2012.

More details from petition creator

We, the undersigned, object to the plan that has been submitted to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council to build commercial units on the vacant land between Holmethorpe Ave and Trowers Way. The plan includes the building of units on the site of the proposed link road. If the council approves this plan, then the road can never be built. Holmethorpe Avenue is extremely congested already and this has been made worse by private traffic from Park 25 using the estate as a cut-through. Businesses on the estate are badly affected by the congestion and now face being further disrupted and hindered by yet more traffic. Our hopes have been pinned on the link road from the Ormside Way roundabout to Holmethorpe Avenue to ease this situation and we urge the council to refuse this application and to enforce the 106 agreement for the new link road and, in doing so, to show its support of the many businesses that operate on the Holmethorpe Estate.

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