We the undersigned petition Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to Review your decision on the Multi Screen Cinema complex in Horley, Surrey. More details

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I would like the council to re think their decision to refuse planning for a cinema complex in Horley, in favour of more shops and homes! We have many homes being built, and we don't need more empty/charity shops!!! The population of Horley is expanding fast with the Horley Master Plan. A Cinema complex would provide a great facility for the people of Horley as well as attract people from the surrounding areas, as well as tourists with time to kill. Horley is a dying town and will never recover unless councillors have some foresight and vision. Horley needed a National Retailer in the town. Four years ago Planning permission was granted for a Wetherspoons pub! this is a national retailer which attracted more custom to the town! mainly at night who wanted a fight!! An Excellent Decision. A Cinema complex would bring so much to Horley in the way of new business and also benefit the few that are currently here. For Goodness Sake Councillors Please See Sense and move into the 21st century!! Horley has a future you just need to recognise and help develop it!!!

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It was an issue for which an e-petition is not the appropriate channel
  • It contained wording that needed to be amended, or is impossible to understand

Additional information about this rejection:
Dear Mr Hudson, Thank you for submitting your e-petition to the Council asking it to: • Review its decision on a multi screen cinema complex in Horley; and • To rethink the decision to refuse planning for a cinema complex in Horley. Unfortunately we are unable to accept your petition in its current form as the decision for the future use of the Newman House site was taken by the Executive at its meeting on 27 September 2012 and there is no provision within our Constitution to review decisions already made via a petition. Additionally no planning application has been received for the development of the site of the former Newman House yet so clearly the Council has not made a decision on this yet. On the receipt of a planning application for this site, in due course, the Council will give the matter its full consideration which will include the opportunity for the submission of representations. Further details on how to get involved in planning applications being considered by the Council can be found on the Council’s website: http://www.reigate-banstead.gov.uk/planning/index.asp I’ve sent you separately a copy of the report that was considered by the Executive on 27 September 2012 which sets out a detailed analysis of the options considered for the sale of the land that formed the Newman House site. One option was for a supermarket, which included provision for a cinema. In the circumstances, as mentioned above, it has not been possible to accept this petition in its current form. However you are welcome to resubmit a more general petition that, for example, seeks the establishment of a cinema/other facilities in Horley. I look forward to hearing from you.