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Petition to: Halt plans for development on green belt land within the borough

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to Halt plans for development on green belt land within the borough. More details

Petition update 2 from the council, 25 April 2013

In accordance with the Council's Petition Scheme, the Green Belt petition was considered by the Full Council at its meeting on 11 April 2013. A copy of the report that supported its consideration is available from the following link:

The Council adopted the recommendation in the report and decided to note the petition and referred it to the Core Strategy Planning Inspector to take into account as part of the Examination in Public of the submitted Core Strategy proposals.

Information on the next stages of the Core Strategy process is on the Council's website:

Petition update 1 from the council, 20 February 2013, while petition was still open

We are pleased that so many people have taken an interest in the work that has been carried out on the Core Strategy and how this will affect the future of the Borough.

We would like to take this opportunity to set out the background to explain why the Council has identified ‘broad areas of search’ for housing sites in the Green Belt, which would be used only as a last resort. Our intention is to provide information to assist your understanding, since the petition will be debated at a meeting of the full Council, and the issues will be amongst those discussed with the Inspector at the Core Strategy examination hearings in due course. The ‘Core Strategy and Green Belt’ note that follows can also be viewed on the Council’s website.

What is the Core Strategy?

The Council’s local plan is required to be prepared in accordance with national guidance and the South East Plan. The Core Strategy is the part of the local plan that sets out the over-arching framework to guide development in the Borough. It will be followed by more detailed policy documents.

What will happen to comments made on the further amendments?

The Core Strategy was submitted by the Council to the Secretary of State for independent examination in May 2012. Following an Exploratory Meeting with the Inspector in August, the Council agreed further amendments to address the Inspector’s concerns. These were published for public consultation between 14 December 2012 and 4 February 2013. Because the Core Strategy is already in examination, all the comments received on the further amendments will be sent straight to the Inspector for his consideration.

Why has the Council identified ‘areas of search’ for Green Belt sites?

The submitted Core Strategy set out the principle that in the longer term, housing development on greenfield sites may be needed. One of the things the Inspector required was that the Core Strategy identify ‘broad areas of search’ for greenfield sites. The specific sites themselves will not be identified until the next more detailed part of the plan is prepared. Before this stage is reached, more work will be done to look at local environmental constraints and future infrastructure requirements, and local residents will be consulted.

Why does the Council need to do this?

The Council’s housing target of 460 new homes a year is lower than the current South East Plan target of 500 because such a lot of new housing has been built in recent years. The South East Plan is likely to be revoked next month. The Inspector is seeking certainty that 460 new homes a year can be delivered over the 15 years of the Core Strategy’s life. The housing target is considered to be a realistic one, which will strike a balance between the need to provide new homes for the Borough’s residents and the desire to protect Reigate & Banstead’s highly valued environmental quality. The target was agreed by the Council following public consultation on what it should be, and both higher and lower targets were considered.

The Council also wants to make sure that unpopular high density ‘town cramming’ is avoided. It is important that new development in towns and villages is properly integrated into existing communities and respects local character and quality of life. This approach means that later on, providing some sites for lower density development in the Green Belt may be necessary.

Green Belt sites are a back up plan

The Core Strategy has always been clear that greenfield sites would be needed as a back up towards the end of the plan period. The Council must look at greenfield sites in countryside that is not in the Green Belt (around Horley) before the Green Belt itself. The ‘broad areas of search’ identified in the further amendments are the result of research which suggests that they are the best areas in the Borough to look for ‘sustainable urban extensions’ to existing towns and villages.

Greenfield and Green Belt sites are a last resort. They may not be needed for some time if the Borough continues to deliver much of its housing through ‘windfall’ (unforeseen) sites that come up in its towns and villages. However, ‘windfall’ sites cannot by their very nature be identified and allocated in advance and Government guidance allows only a small allowance to be made for them. The Council is required to identify in advance all the sites on which 460 new homes a year will be built.

Recent Government proposals to convert empty offices to housing will not help much as many are not suitable for new homes, and in town centres in particular the Council must balance the need for new homes with the need to provide local jobs.

Why have an adopted Core Strategy?

There are three very good reasons why the Council should work towards an adopted Core Strategy.

1. The Council will have control over where new housing and other development will go.
2. The Council will be able to develop more detailed policies, including those to protect the character of existing communities.
3. The Council will be able to put in place the Community Infrastructure Levy which will ensure that all eligible development contributes towards the cost of the infrastructure that is needed to support it – for example schools, roads, community facilities, parks and playgrounds.

What other options are there?

1. The Council could decide not to have a Core Strategy. In this case none of the above three things will be possible. Crucially, the Council will have no control over where new development will go. This will be decided at planning appeals by Inspectors who, without an adopted plan prepared by the Council, are likely to direct development to greenfield sites and the Green Belt – anywhere in the Green Belt – a lot sooner.

2. The Council could decide to abandon the submitted Core Strategy and go back to square one. The situation for preparing a new plan would be different. The Borough’s housing target will need to be set entirely in the context of the National Planning Policy Framework, introduced in April last year. This requires the Council to meet its ‘objectively assessed housing need’ which could lead to a housing target twice that of the current one.


The Council is committed to achieving an adopted Core Strategy as soon as possible because it is the right thing to do to retain control over where new development goes and to ensure that the greatest part of the Borough, its communities and its Green Belt can be protected.

Further information

More information about the Core Strategy is available on our website at:

Stay involved

If you would like to continue to be involved, please ask to be added to the database by e-mailing The next round of consultation will look at preferred approaches for specific sites and the evidence base behind this, which will be informed by the comments we have received.

More details from petition creator

In accordance with the motion passed by around 100 people at the public meeting in Redhill on Jan 21st:

We the undersigned are 'implacably opposed to any development on the green belt within the borough of Reigate and Banstead', due to concerns including, but not limited to:

- the loss of green spaces and public access

- the likely increase in traffic and greater stress on existing infrastructure

- the lack of ambition in identifying brownfield land sites for redevelopment as housing, e.g. unused offices

- the fact that the borough have been working to a target of 460 new houses per year, compared to a Surrey average of 240

- the likelihood of new projects serving city commuters rather than providing affordable housing for the local community

- the prospect of unchecked urban sprawl

Current proposals would allow for the construction of 1,400 houses on sites around Redhill and Reigate and another 200 around Horley.

Further information: (including map and links to public consultation ending Feb 4th)

Current signatories

Because there are so many signatories, only the most recent 500 are shown on this page.

  • Kevin Downton
  • Lindsay Dymock
  • Catherine Butterworth
  • Alyson West
  • Geoff DIxon
  • Jon Odhams
  • Charlotte Carter
  • Julia Woodhams
  • Neil Carter
  • Julian Hemsted
  • Emma Nye
  • Terence Gould
  • Deborah Hepburn
  • John Manfield
  • Eric Davies
  • susanna davies
  • Graham Mead
  • owen marston
  • Richard Salmon
  • Alan Barraclough
  • Sarah Roberts
  • Wayne Herbert
  • Catherine Heilbron
  • Caroline Boys-Guest
  • Kay ketaruth
  • sarah Cousins
  • d jessiman
  • Jacqui Rand
  • Meryl Wilson
  • Patrick Davies
  • Alicia Davies
  • Kathie Ford
  • Lee Ford
  • M Grizaard
  • Peter Lloyd
  • Joanna Lloyd
  • Sharon Odhams
  • john gunn
  • janet gunn
  • Margaret Plumpton
  • Joannna Jenkins
  • Robert Ayres
  • Anne Wood
  • Mark Thurgood
  • Lois Kefford
  • Paul Short
  • Fred Power
  • Susan Short
  • Keith Boys-Guest
  • Andrew Bamford
  • Kevin McBrien
  • james w brooker OBL
  • Dennis Earl
  • Jon Paine
  • Sue Girardi
  • Jean Crutchington
  • Alan Slade
  • Gill Beasley
  • Antonia Rees-Brown
  • Jonathan Burgoyne
  • brian west
  • Diana Burgoyne
  • James Goatcher
  • Amanda Titchener
  • David Charman
  • Mrs J Mee
  • Lisa Lancaster
  • Jim Mee
  • Frances Charman
  • Bridget Denley
  • David Dyas
  • Samuel Foskett
  • Elizabeth Dolman
  • Martin Waller
  • Deborah Payton
  • Tessa Milsom
  • Julie Ayres
  • Mark Barnes
  • Rod Ashford
  • Lesley Montague
  • Alex Coppen
  • Nicola Hinton
  • Carolyn Poole
  • Peter Heilbron
  • Bernie sexton
  • Sandy Spink
  • Amanda Adams
  • margaret munday
  • Mrs M Allen
  • Doreen Hardy-Davies
  • Clinton Hardy-Davies
  • Kate strange
  • Mags Trench
  • Robin Albert
  • Victoria Delasalle
  • Katie O'Reilly
  • Mary Albury
  • Mark Needham
  • Z Stevens
  • Ian Stronge
  • Michael Knight
  • frederic sage
  • andy oreilly
  • Tim Nelson
  • Christine Nelson
  • Emma luck
  • Steven Howe
  • Alison howe
  • Ian Taylor
  • Lorraine Pimlott
  • Amanda Francis
  • Maria Ryan
  • Nathan Atkins
  • Jeff Herman
  • Allen
  • Robert Stone
  • John Warnock
  • Katharine McNaught
  • Lucinda Baker
  • Victoria Ellis
  • George Brunyee
  • Vivienne Farrington
  • Catherine Asbridge
  • Christine Beddow
  • Danielle Tisdall
  • Vlad Ryan
  • Caroline Downton
  • david butler
  • Andrew Walker
  • Peter Aspin
  • Liz Gannon
  • Susan Vaughan
  • Paul Harris
  • Tom McLaughlin
  • ben thacker
  • Robert Carloss
  • Declan Skehan
  • Vanessa Smith
  • Jacqueline Edgar
  • Clare Cooper
  • Bob Cooper
  • Amanda Smith
  • Colin Smith
  • Kirsty Beeke
  • Matthew Beeke
  • Hilary Cooper
  • Gary Edwards
  • John Lissaman
  • Bridget Angela Lissaman
  • Gillian Gill
  • Elise Muddel
  • Alison Paterson
  • W Hamilton
  • Marnie Weller
  • Emma Dunning
  • Angie Carter
  • Gill Tomkins
  • Jo Prince
  • mr& mrs edwards
  • robin hamilton
  • shane hamilton
  • katie hamilton
  • Natalia
  • Jeremy Sykes
  • A. Courtney-Walker
  • Richard Smith
  • Marie Unwin
  • Nina Ramli
  • Anthony Dobbin
  • Louise Cowan
  • Helen Dredge
  • Victor Raymond
  • monica orengo
  • Margaret Raymond
  • Elizabeth Stratford
  • Charmain Langham
  • Jane Dunn
  • Steve Beer
  • Simon Pinto
  • Hilary Lancaster
  • Mark Cardon
  • Lydia Harvey
  • Richard Odell
  • Christine Rice
  • Des Ward
  • Debbie Milne
  • Sarah Jenkins
  • Elisabeth Keeley
  • Ian, Natalie, Thomas and Sophie Reid
  • stuart liess
  • Vanessa McDowall
  • Geoff Dixon
  • Lisa Katsiaris
  • Linda Moss
  • Rob Eames
  • Elizabeth Dickman
  • Anna Cook
  • Helen Foster
  • Agnes Kovacs
  • Charles Merriman
  • NJ Maun
  • Stuart Axson
  • Helen Clarke
  • J A Artis
  • J Cresswell
  • Jitka Scargill
  • Anna Silver
  • David Dewson
  • Joshua Walker
  • Holly West
  • Adam Waterton
  • Amelia hall
  • Lynda hall
  • Santha Dixon
  • Jennifer Gooch
  • Anne Reeve
  • Stephen C.Wilde
  • Anna Hunt
  • Jonathan Franks
  • John Elwood
  • Lindsey Shaw
  • Katie Khan
  • Mia Khan
  • Antonia Thompson
  • Karen Hawkins
  • Petrea Middleton
  • Dan Howard
  • Wendy Carey
  • Louise Parker
  • Linda Freeman
  • Gabriella Marosi
  • Dave Freeman
  • Ynes Perfitt
  • Heather Silcock
  • Neil Parsons
  • Ray Smith
  • Sue Denman
  • Margaret Drury
  • Greg Fradd
  • Lisa Holder
  • Lynne Higham
  • Annette Hooper
  • rosemarie belcher
  • richard belcher
  • Shane Dowle
  • Liz Dowle
  • Helen Johnson
  • Michael Bruton
  • Philip Wiggs
  • sandra nash
  • Robina Wiggs
  • stuart nash
  • R Sperry
  • Graham Hood
  • helen seward
  • Michael Seward
  • Mary Barnes
  • Louisa Webb
  • Judith Boyce
  • Elizabeth Millar
  • Esther Goldsmith
  • Celia Pearce
  • Victoria Scroggs
  • Anthony Taylor
  • Jean Cooke
  • Tessa Wardley
  • Patrick Watson
  • Mireille Hebing
  • Saskia wright
  • Anna Kedgley
  • Kerry Quinton
  • Kate Curtis
  • Lisa McShane
  • Emma Campbell
  • Brian Boyce
  • Andrew Walker
  • Caris Grimes
  • Brenda Howlett
  • Dale Millar
  • peter bunyan
  • Jenny Raeburn
  • Lorraine Gauntlett
  • Nicolas Thorpe
  • Francoise Biles
  • Elizabeth Vahey
  • Karen Eberhard
  • Nicola Biles
  • Antonia Sood
  • Alfred John Eglington
  • Jenny Walker
  • Susan Hayes
  • Catherine Peck
  • Andrew Couchman
  • Jo Bega
  • Heather Hughes
  • Mark Stevenson
  • Louise Thorpe
  • Colin Cameron
  • G.Musham
  • John Bridger
  • David Spurrell
  • Peter & Deirdre Jenkins
  • David Quattrucci
  • Jan Frost
  • Doug Baker
  • Dinah Harris
  • Denyse Bradford
  • Laurence Eatenton
  • Elliott England
  • Emily England
  • gavin h
  • Maria Carneiro
  • Lindsey Harrap
  • joan hargraves
  • Elise Philpott
  • James Marshall
  • Clare broes
  • Michael STAMMERS
  • Mary & Alan Stepney
  • Jill Peters
  • Rob Basto
  • paul hibbert
  • jill stammers
  • Ray Woolhouse
  • Ian Howard
  • Michael Cauldwell
  • Tony Millard
  • John Card
  • Karen Compton
  • David Stepney
  • Susan Woolhouse
  • Judy Basto
  • Deirdre Marsh
  • Andy Marsh
  • Pamela Schwenk
  • Pamela Williams
  • Michael Lomax
  • Tina Kruszynski
  • Linda Beavan
  • Mrs C Lewis
  • Sara Sari
  • Dawn Facer
  • Jane Eyles
  • Margaret Haughey
  • Elaine Richards
  • Philip Richards
  • F I Brown
  • Hazel roberts
  • Mark Stockton
  • Julie Preddy
  • Rachael Nickson
  • Neil James
  • Jacqueline Muggeridge
  • Bernard Halsey
  • Dianne Halsey
  • Alison Smith
  • Georgina Doughty Bassett
  • David Vinnicombe
  • Jennifer Vinnicombe
  • Andrea Harding
  • Paul Facer
  • Matthew Hack
  • Susan Marlow
  • Peter J Simms
  • Lynn Eagle
  • andrew cive elliot
  • Rosemary Ann Khan
  • Zain Khan
  • Clive Butler
  • Andrew Mason
  • keith gooch
  • Fran Stevens
  • Leslie Hills
  • Karen Howells
  • Oliver Ward
  • Christine Stockton
  • jackie forsdick
  • Chris Golding
  • Richard Mantell
  • David Armstrong
  • Chris Bear
  • philip jones
  • pauline jones
  • Mavis Hollings
  • Alan Godfrey
  • Reshad Auckloo
  • Nicky Bryant
  • John Sheldrake
  • nick stammers
  • Mr D D Davies
  • Denise Tylee
  • Dawn Smith
  • clive gibson
  • Christina Scott
  • Jan Sheret
  • Neal Sheret
  • Richard Scott
  • Peter Scott
  • Dilys Scott
  • Alice Underwood
  • sheila gibson
  • Diane Smith
  • Sharon Moncur
  • Mark Edmonds
  • Ken Gibson
  • Sarah F
  • john chapman
  • Enas lawrence
  • Mrs P.E.First
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  • Richard Nainggolan
  • Christopher Whitton
  • Laurence Whitton
  • Rona Hills
  • Ian Preddy
  • Jayne chevin
  • J Reeves
  • Gary Hills
  • Emma Hall
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  • Stuart Norton
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  • Dickon Tidey
  • Anne Dunn
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  • Daniel Miles
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  • Hannah Chacksfield
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  • Marcus Dale
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  • Jane Bywaters
  • Timothy Sanderson
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  • Peter Heffer
  • sally rogers
  • John Biles
  • Emma Grover
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  • Linda Cope
  • Abby Attwood
  • J Attwood
  • Colin Fradd
  • Ed Atkins
  • Fiona Jennings
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  • Jamie brown
  • Tim Selwood
  • L. Selwood
  • Jonathan Essex
  • Robert Baur
  • Matthew Winslade
  • Christina Hoffmann
  • Alex stewart

Because there are so many signatories, only the most recent 500 are shown on this page.

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